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Reptilist – Reptile Conservation
Mr. Terry A. Johnson
Cell: 928-965-5147
Work: 928-965-7842
email: reptilist@me.com

I am safely holding the business end of a rattlesnake within a plastic tube.
I am safely holding the business end of a rattlesnake within a plastic tube.

Hello, my name is Terry A. Johnson and I like snakes! One might call me an amateur herpetologist, but I favor the handle that some youngsters gave me many years ago… “Reptilist”.

In Greenlee and Graham Counties (Arizona, USA), I’m the snake man that people call when they want to have a live reptile removed from their property. I don’t kill or sell the snakes, I take them back to where they belong and let them go.

They are lost, but then, thanks to a partnership between you and I, they are mercifully delivered back to their wilderness homes. We give a second chance at life to creatures that are incapable of gratitude, and that is the true essence of godliness!

I also do educational presentations using live reptiles and slide shows.  There are no stunts in my programs, just interesting creatures that are safely and kindly introduced, along with a solid base of knowledge that I enjoy passing on.

As you might expect, the State of Arizona has a licensing protocol for people like me, and I have two permits:
The Wildlife Service Permit enables me to do the relocation work on behalf of errant reptiles (including Gila Monsters).
The Holding Permit allows me to do educational programs with venomous reptiles. It also allows me to keep certain prohibited reptiles for the purpose of education (including Gila Monsters).



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